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JaZBase03 - Discontinued
For Jomox Vintage (XBase09, AirBase99, JaZbase03) repairs please contact:

X-Tended Kai Roeske Berlin


Werkstatt Matlak Chiemgau

The JaZBase03 provides a totally new set of percussion sounds for the musician.

As on the AirBase99, the percussion section contains short 8-bit samples that can be post-processed with an analog envelope and partly with an analog filter.

We recorded our own acoustic samples and processed them so that the JaZBase03 becomes an ultimative tool for creative beat-programming. It contains an advanced mixture of analog kick, snare and tom toms with acoustic shakers, claves, rims, hi hats and other really cool samples.

Furthermore, the JaZBase03 provides adjustable start points for the samples, which once again, increases the musical expression capabilities. This differs to the AiRBase99 and can be very useful for the complex samples of the JaZBase03 sample set.

The focus is on acoustic samples, which fit in excellently in ethno and world music but also complements and enhances styles as varied as ambient to triphop or dance.

Basically the JaZbase03 is a great tool for all electronic and crossover styles of music in general.

Due to the variation of styles, the JaZBase03 still contains the good old 808 hi hat (909 excluded).
The JaZBase03 is a 19" 1RU midi expander with an lcd display, data wheel and a few edit buttons, but with full sound performance at a comparably low price. All parameters on the JaZBase03 are storeable and controllable by midi.

Instead of implementing a sophisticated and expensive knob user interface on this unit, all parameters are externally controllable by midi or accessable through a simple internal serial menu guide.

There are JoMoX mixer maps or environments available for the most commonly-used sequencer systems available in our download area.

* Bass Drum

All bass drum parameter and the sound production are 100% identical to the XBase09 and the AirBase99.

* Snare Drum

The snare drum parameter and the sound production are also 100% identical to the Xbase09/AirBase99.

* Tom Toms

There are 2 analog tom toms which offer a wide tuning range.

* Hi Hats

The hi hat section contains an analog filter and a sophisticated analog envelope to post-process the 8-bit samples.

* Percussions

The sounds clap, rim shot, crash and ride are fully polyphonic, meaning they can be all be played back all at the same time.


The JaZBase03 contains 24 different acoustic samples plus noise and filtered noise with adjustable center frequency of the analog filter.

All percussion/cymbal envelopes are true analog! All hi hats, cymbals and percussions can be played back in reverse.

Furthermore, the JaZBase03 provides adjustable start points for the samples, which increases the musical expression capabilities even more. This is different to the AirBase99 and is very useful for the complex samples of the JaZBase03 sample set.

* Outputs

Each sound generator features its own individual output, 10 in total. They are: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Lo Tom, Hi Tom, Open Hi Hat, Closed Hi Hat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, Ride.

* Filter

Additionally, the hi hat section contains a resonating 2 pole HP/LP filter, where parameters can be changed separately. With this filter you can process an analog noise signal or the raw sample of the hi hat.

* LFOs

The JaZBase03 has 2 LFOs that can be routed to different parameters of the various instruments. The LFO speed can be edited in BPM, midi clock or a rate parameter.

* Sound Storage

The JaZBase03 internal memory can hold 256 RAM- and 100 preprogrammed ROM-sounds for each of the 9 instruments plus the LFO-settings. Makes a total amount of 3204 different instrument settings. These instrument sounds can be arranged in 1024 different drumkits, 256 of them in the ROM.

© 2004 JoMoX GmbH

Instruments Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi Tom, Low Tom, Hi Hat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, Ride
Presets 768 User RAM, 256 ROM
Sound Generation BD, SD, HITOM, LOTOM: fully analog like XBase 09 HH, CLP, RIM, CRH, RID: ROM-Sample with analog envelope
Envelopes analog for ROM-Section with attack, peaktime, decay for each ROM-Instrument
Number of Voices 9-voice polyphonic, hihat open/close with separate outs
Filter The hihat can be routed into an analog filter. ROM or noise signal can be the signal source; 2-pole resonant with high- / lowpass, each as individual parameters
LFO's 2, assignable to different parameters
Display LCD 2x16 characters
Midi Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru
User interface 1 data wheel, 6 illumiated buttons
Outputs 10 individual out, stereo mix, headphone, all 1/4 inch jacks
Output Level about +4dBu on all outputs
Power Supply external wall socket adapter 12V AC/AC
Dimensions 19" 1 RU
Weight about 4 kg
Audio Demos
Size: 679 KB (stereo, 192kBit/s) by Jürgen Michaelis
Size: 55 KB 01.11.2017 18:11
Size: 873 KB 01.11.2017 19:13
Size: 914 KB 23.05.2008 19:32
Size: 1122 KB 31.07.2008 15:55
Size: 189 KB 30.10.2008 16:10
Size: 264 KB 09.10.2020 17:17
Size: 171 KB 29.09.2023 00:00
Size: 242 KB 29.09.2023 00:00
Size: 40 KB 09.06.2022 14:02
Size: 298 KB 01.11.2017 19:17
Size: 490 KB 01.11.2017 19:18
Size: 974 KB 01.11.2017 19:17
Size: 867 KB 22.12.2007 00:19
Size: 956 KB 22.12.2007 00:20