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Alpha Base OS Update 1.31  04.12.2018 15:58
There is a new OS for the Alpha Base readme_alpha_131.pdf new: - BPM clock monitor - Dela... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.25  26.08.2018 00:14
SORRY! Please don't use the MEM Init function Shift 15 with an older version than this 1.25 !!! There was a dumb mistake for testing in it which has deleted everything. N... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.24  21.08.2018 14:14
//1.24 Freezing on reception of Midi Clock during booting fixed, "0000 Bytes received" display on locator Real Time Messages from DAW fixed... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.23  16.08.2018 01:28

P-Locks improved, track p-lock recording added, many bugfixes... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.20  07.08.2018 18:33
Missing Midi FM CCs and the complete FX Midi control have been added. This also makes the parameter locks for the FM synth active. The appendix in the operating manual... Details ...
Alpha Base OS Update 1.16  10.06.2018 22:13
Little bugfix: with RxTrig (off) Midi Pitch is not changed... Details ...