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This product is available ModFM Eurorack FM Synth
ModFM Eurorack FM Synth
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Prod.No.: 0001061
999.00 €*
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The Mod FM is a completely self-contained 8 voice FM synth in eurorack format, which can create powerful sounds out of the box without lacking the commonly provided CV modulation possibilities.

+ 8 voices fully multi timbral FM synth
+ 4 operators per voice
+ Full modulation matrix / 26 algorithms
+ 2 LFO/VCOs per voice
+ CV/Gate per voice
+ CV modulation inputs per operator
+ Outputs for each voice plus mix out
+ True audio FM modulation inputs
+ True analog filters per voice
+ 24db low pass
+ 12dB multimode LP/BP/HP cont. shape
+ True analog VCAs per voice
+ Midi TRS type A
+ USB C device
+ Digital reverb, 2x stereo delay
+ Full storeability, also CV amounts
+ 128 presets, 118 multi sets
+ 2x 128x64px OLED displays

Power consumption:
+12V: 370mA max.
-12V: 170mA max.

Total power: 6,5W


Size: 56 HP = 284mm
Height: 3 RU = 129mm
Depth: 40mm

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