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This article is not deliverable at the moment. We are sorry not to be able to tell a delivery time Moonwind Analog Filter Tracker
Moonwind Analog Filter Tracker
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Prod.No.: 0001045
729.00 €*
  • Two real analog low noise multimode filters
  • OTA technology *
  • Per filter Q (narrowness) and Resonance are separately adjustable **
  • Per filter the shapes lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch are assignable
  • The filters are connectable among each other ***
  • Per filter there is one LFO which controls the cutoff ****
  • Per filter there is envelope amount, the envelope is created from the audio with an analog envelope follower
  • Inputs are Hi-Z and can amplify guitar or bass signals directly

  • Digital effects chip with 15 algorithms
  • Analog FX Feedback in order to create tape delays and wave guides
  • Three parameters per FX algorithm
  • The effects programs include chorus, flanger, tremolo, reverb, delay and some more exiting programs
  • Eight effects programs can be reloaded by OS update later on
  • Built-in noise generator

  • Sequencer can record Cutoff, Q and Res seperately per step and filter
  • Maximum 64 steps per pattern
  • Maximum 16 steps per bar (then max. 4 bars), bars can be dynamically set according to the number of steps per bar
  • Clock divider can resolve max. 32th per bar
  • Record/undo function to record filter trails by the rotary knobs
  • Sequencer and LFOs are midi clock synchronizeable
  • Midi notes control the cutoff of the filters, CCs the rest of parameters

  • Cutoff, Q and Resonance are made as classical potentiometers
  • Stable metal axis potentiometers and encoders with axle bearings
  • 2x24 character LCD display
  • OS is updateable by Midi

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