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Lagerbestand weniger als 20 Geräte ModBase09 Mk II
ModBase09 Mk II
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Art.Nr.: 0001055
369.00 €*
19" Euro-Rack Bass-Drum-Modul mit erweiterten CV/Gate-Möglichkeiten, eingebautem Midi und vollständiger Speicherbarkeit.

Die ModBase09 bekommt einen Nachfolger, der das Konzept der speicherbaren und trotzdem analogen Kick mit CV/Gate im Euroack überzeugend fortsetzt.

Für die normale modulare Anwendung gibt es den Audioausgang sowie fixe und routbare CV-Eingänge, die alle über 3.5mm Klinkenbuchsen erreichbar sind. Das Gate kann als 0..15V (minimum 4V),  Invers oder als S-Trigger konfiguriert werden.


Tune Varies the pitch envelope of the VCO
Basses as low as 10Hz reach up to 175Hz

Decay Up to 2 sec
Enrichment of harmonics of the VCO - for the hardest kick drums on planet earth
Change of the pure pulse part of the attack - gate time affects this parameter also
Change of the pure noise part of the attack - gate time affects this parameter also
Level of the mixing of Pulse and Attack
Filters the bass drum with a low pass filter - for soft and 808ish kick drums
Gate T
Varies the gate time from 0.1ms to 16ms
Compression of decaying envelope - for slim and clicky kicks and all the depth that is needed
Metalized noise. A complex digital multitone pattern of 499 different combinations feeds the attack noise
can route the external 0-5V CV signals to any of the above parameters including LFOs. Also negative amounts are processed.
This is a true analog dedicated CV FM modulation input for the bass drum VCO. It only works linear-wise and does not offer musical semitones across the CV scale.
The ModBase 09 has 2 LFOs that work on the pitch of the bass drum. The LFO always starts syncronous to the gate trigger.
The wave forms are: saw up, saw down, sine+/-, triangle+/-, rectangle+/- and portions of it.
The midi controllers of this module are identical to the XBASE999/MBase11. All parameters including LFOs can be remotely controlled by Midi CCs.
Bus Env Is the programmable level of the audio out signal from the bus on the back mixed to the Kick Drum VCA envelope. Works with experimental Jayemsonic modules.

Abmessungen: Höhe: 3HE, Breite: 20TE, Tiefe ab Blechkante: 53mm
: ~120-140mA an +12V, ~80mA an -12V

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